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Why I Rant

Every time I sit down and read the newspaper or watch the news on TV I find myself muttering under my breath — or grumbling too loud for my wife — about the craziness of what I find out is going on in this troubled world. Once in a while I fire off a letter the the editor (and several have been published), but I feel a need to be able to let the world know my opinion more often than the editors of the Winston Salem Journal will give me space.

Ocassionally I just feel the urge to express my opinions publicly. I doubt that many ever notice and expect that even fewer care, but regardless of whether they are ever read or not, here I can present some of my thoughts ... so my wife doesn't have to listen to my pent up ramblings at a volume that makes her think I am angry.

And that is why I have set up this Rants blog to get all those thoughts off my chest. While I doubt it, maybe the world will become a better place because one more sane voice spoke up about things!

So, since you are here, pick a topic and see if you agree with me. If you don't, just grin and bear it (since unlike some other blogs I don't allow you to add your own comments here — I tried that for a while, but the spammers kept trying to add their own commercials) ... or click onto some other page more to your liking — my site has lots of more interesting things to offer. Or maybe even find a soap box of your own.

There! At least I, for one, feel better already!

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